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blendfools's Journal

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Welcome to blendfools
This isn't just another blend community, we're trying to offer something a little different. We hold weekly challenges for our members to enter. If you'd like to see a certain thing or person done as a challenge let us know. If you love blending or just making graphics, then go ahead and join! We'd love to have you! Awards will be made by us each week for the winners to use however they want to. We give out awards for first, second and third and then other awards, depending on how many entries we recive. Also, there will be a vote on the viewers choice award, for the award other members like the most. We'd like to ask that you dont vote for yourself and get your friends to join just to vote for your blend. Its extremely unfair and its also cheating. This is all for fun.

We just have a few rules we'd like you to follow...

The Rules:
1. No images larger than 500x500. This rule isn't too strict but huge blends take far too long to load.
2. You must use at least two of the images provided and not add any other images of your own.
3. You may only enter one blend per challenege, come on, its only fair.
4. Text is fine but you dont have to add text. If you wish to add text, please make sure it isn't too offensive.
5. Submit your image in .JPG, .GIF or .PNG only! easy.
6. Save your entry as the challenge number and the name of the challenge. For example, if it was a Amy Lee challenge and it was the first challenge the file name would be 1-amylee.jpg. We have it this way to try and keep entries a bit annonymous.
7. Save your entry to your own server. we recomend onlinerock.com or photobucket.com.
8. send your entries to blendfools@hotmail.com and include the following ....

lj username:
blend link:

and last but definately not least, have fun!!

your friendly hostesses are:
antiskeptic and finefreshfierce

link us!

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want to be an affiliate? email us!